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I would say I am a bra expert since I’ve had to wear serious lingerie….for a longtime. Being very busty and petite has been no easy feat when it comes to finding beautiful bras and bathing suits. I’ve fixed my bathing suit problem, and hope to one day do the same for lingerie, but until then I have to rely on others to make them for me. These are the best I’ve come across so far, and I’m happy to share them with you….

1. Wacoal Halo Lace Strapless Underwire Bra: BEST strapless bra ever. Stays up, and has a natural look to it under the dress or blouse. It looks great with something fitted or a strapless blouson style. I have it in black and beige, and I’ve never found another strapless that comes close.

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2. Chantelle Underwire Tamaris Bra: I’ve been wearing this bra for 15 years. It gives the most beautiful shape under a t-shirt, a dress – anything. So supportive and flattering… AND great for bigger bust.

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3. Body by Wacoal Front-Closure Bra: This seamless, underwire bra is my absolute favorite racer back . It has a really beautiful, sexy, natural shape to it under clothes. Great under a tank-top, or any racer back style… Perfect even under the thinnest t-shirt.  Not to mention comfortable and extremely supportive!

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