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Foster-Heusgen Wedding Cologne, Germany


Brittany and Robert met while interning together in Greenville, South Carolina during the Summer of 2011. Robert, a native German, was a bit shy with his English which Brittany found to be quite charming. The two began dating and carried on an overseas, long distance relationship after their internships ended.

The couple exchanged vows in a castle on the water in Cologne, Germany where the groom was born.  “I have always dreamt of a destination wedding and the idea of getting married in a castle sounded like a fairytale!” exclaimed the bride.

What made you choose the dresses?

I chose these beautiful dresses for my bridesmaids because I have always loved the way Shoshanna fits every type of body. It was really important for me that my bridesmaids felt comfortable in their dresses. I also wanted a dress that they could wear again after the wedding. The groomsmen wore ties that matched the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses!

Brittany, Bride

What was your favorite feature of the dress?

My favorite feature initially was the one shoulder, which I absolutely love. Then, once I put the dress on, I realized the royal blue was so stunning and flattering on every bridesmaid no matter your hair color or skin tone. It photographs beautifully as well.

Catherine, Bridesmaid

I love the style of the dress! I have a curvy figure and it is hard to find dresses that flatter me in the right places. This dress does the trick! It accentuates all the right places!

Brittany Z, Maid of Honor

Color for sure, it looks very exotic in the pictures!

Haley, Bridesmaid

How did the dress fit your body type?

It was very flattering on me. I have more of a curvy body and it hugged my curves without making me look bigger than what I am. There were 9 girls in the bridal party and we are all different shapes and sizes; I think that the dress really did look great on everyone.

Brittany Z, Maid of Honor

What accessories did you pair with the dress?

Brittany surprised us and provided all our accessories for the wedding. She had gold earrings and bracelets mixed with pearls and euros. Since the wedding was in Germany, she wanted to give us something to remember it with!

Brittany W, Bridesmaid


Had you ever worn Shoshanna before?

Yes I wore a beautiful Shoshanna multi-colored dress to my College Graduation from TCU! I received numerous compliments on it.

Catherine, Bridesmaid

Where do you plan on wearing this dress again?

I think you can wear this dress to a wedding any season! It looks great all year around, and you don’t have to constantly adjust. It is great for dancing!

Brittany W, Bridesmaid

It’s a great shade of blue that looks awesome with tan, so I plan to wear it to weddings in the future. It’s super comfortable and stays up great so I am not constantly pulling on it.

Haley, Bridesmaid

What was the funniest moment of the day?

We all jumped up in the air at the same time for a picture! Again, because the dress doesn’t move around too much, we did not have any wardrobe malfunctions, thank god!

Brittany W, Bridesmaid

The funniest moment was the Baumstamm Sägen, the log sawing. It’s an old German tradition which occurs right after the church ceremony! When my husband and I left the church, there was a log on a sawhorse and we had to cut it in half. This tradition symbolizes the first tough tasks of our future and that we can accomplish it together.

Brittany, Bride

A big thank you to Brittany and her bridesmaids!

Photography Credit: Nola Bunke



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