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Levin-Colombo Wedding San Juan, Puerto Rico


The new Mr. & Mrs. met while they were both associates at the same law firm in New York City. For their wedding, they opted for a different setting. The two jet-setted to Puerto Rico, and hosted the event at The Ritz-Carlton in San Juan.  When asked why this hotel, Jessica told us “The Ritz is a beautiful hotel with great restaurants, a beautiful beach and my husband’s main requirement: a casino!” She continued,  “We wanted each of the wedding events to be elegant, but since everyone was on vacation, I think the entire weekend had a very relaxed vibe. We tried to incorporate elements of travel and local culture, like Puerto Rican food and salsa music.”

What made you choose the dresses?

We were married in Puerto Rico, so I wanted a vibrant color and design. The reception was black tie so the dresses needed to be bright, fun and sophisticated. Although every bride says it and no one ever does it, I really hoped they would wear it again-and if they didn’t, I would steal it from their closet and wear it myself! I love to wear Shoshanna-in fact, most of my wardrobe the entire wedding weekend was Shoshanna.  From the dress I changed into at the reception, which was a white version of the bridesmaid dress, to the bikini and cover up I wore at the pool!

Jessica, Bride

What I loved most about the dresses was how universally flattering they were. My bridesmaids ranged from 5’1 to 5’11, curvy to lanky, all different skin tones, one was six months pregnant, and one had given birth just 6 weeks earlier. The dresses looked fabulous on all of them, and each girl made the dress her own.

Jessica, Bride

Did the dress fit your body type?

This dress fit me perfectly, 6 weeks after having a baby, and it looked fantastic on every single one of the bridesmaids.  To say I was thrilled would be an understatement!  The design is flattering for everyone.  Thank you!

Natalia, Bridesmaid

Yes, I have a curvy body and the dress fit perfectly to minimize my curves.

Alison, Bridesmaid

Absolutely! Even 30 weeks pregnant!

Liz, Bridesmaid

I loved the style and felt beautiful in the dress. The chiffon one-shoulder dress was so flattering on all 11 bridesmaids and very comfortable to wear for many hours. The gold beading at the top on the shoulder was an added bonus.

Alison, Bridesmaid

What was the best song played at the wedding?   

    Throughout our engagement, our unabashed love for the song “Call me Maybe” was a running joke. After dinner, my maid of honor and I went to change into my Shoshanna reception dress. As I walked back, I heard the band playing the song. I started sprinting towards the ballroom (proving how comfortable the dresses really are!) and weaved my way in the center of the floor just in time to rock out for the last minute of the song.

Jessica, Bride

Call Me Maybe! The dress moved effortlessly with me when I was jumping and signing along with the bride!

Alison, Bridesmaid

What was the silliest or funniest thing you did in the dress?

I jumped into the hotel pool after the wedding to cool off!

Batya, Bridesmaid

Thank you so much to Jessica and her lovely bridal party!

Photography Credit: Jose Aguilo



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