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Cherry-Ellis Wedding Keswick, Virginia


I have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses that I'd only worn once, so I knew I wanted to do something different and more versatile for my bridesmaids. There is nothing worse than standing up in front of a room of strangers in an unflattering bridesmaid dress, unless of course your ex is also in the room with his new girlfriend, and I've been there, twice, that is worse, and didn't want to do that to anyone else. I've always found Shoshanna dresses fun, flirty and flattering- which is how I hoped my girls would feel for my big day.

When I saw THE dress I knew it was perfect. It mimicked the shimmer and sparkle that we incorporated throughout the wedding and was a great reflection of my personal style. Formal enough for a modern black-tie affair, but short and sassy to ensure a night of comfortable dancing in May in Virginia (where the temperature has been known to range from 50 degrees- 95 degrees). Bonus! My bridesmaids were even able to wear 'real' bras with the dress- I think this totally helped keep the dance party going well into the night.

-Courtney, Bride

What was the funniest thing you did in the dress?

To get our arms and postures prepped for the big aisle walk, we decided to practice our planks. The bride and groom walked in after taking photos to find us in a big circle, plank posing! Lucky for us, she was a good sport!

-Mary Grace, Maid of Honor

"I get really nervous with bridesmaid dresses because I wear a Double- D. You can end up having to get giant dresses, have them taken in, and still feel very uncomfortable with the amount of skin showing during a ceremony. I was so amazed that this dress, off the rack, without tailoring, worked for my bust size in a comfortable and tasteful way for the occasion."

-Sarah Passe, Bridesmaid

Where do you plan to wear it again?

It was all I could do not to wear the dress for New Year's 2011. It will definitely reappear December 31st this year, if not sooner!

-Mary Grace, Maid of Honor

What was your favorite part of the dress?

The pattern was great - I love polka dots! I also loved the overall style, but primarily the pockets. Made it fun to wear!

-Martha, Bridesmaid

What was the best song to dance in wearing the dress?

This strappy, stay-put dress was naturally a perfect fit for Shout!

-Mary Grace, Maid of Honor

A big thank you to Courtney & David and their wedding party for sharing their stories with us.

And another big thank you to Greg Gibson Photography for sharing his beautiful photos with us.



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