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Dewitt-Wooldridge Wedding Charleston, SC


How did you pick the dresses?

I wanted to pick something out that my bridesmaids could wear again. I know brides always say you can chop the bottom of the dress off, dye it and wear it again, but let’s be honest, who really does? That’s why I wanted to find a dress that didn’t look too bridal and could be worn again to a cocktail party or going out on the town. I also thought that particular style would be flattering for every body type, and it had a classic color that matched our wedding theme.

Hyla, Bride

What accessories did you pair with the dress? 

Hyla is a jewelry designer, Hyla DeWitt Jewelry, and designed a unique necklace for each bridesmaid to wear.

Stacey, Bride's Sister

What was your favorite part of the dress?

My favorite part of the dress was the color. It is such a pretty hue of gold and the silhouette flatters all body types. Everyone in the wedding looked beautiful!

Stacey, Bride's Sister

I really liked the neutral color, yet luxurious hand of the material.

Caroline, Bridesmaid

What is your favorite thing about Shoshanna?

You can wear Shoshanna to work and out after work. Love dresses that can be worn day to night!

Ashley, Bridesmaid

 What was the silliest thing you did in the dress?

It was my first time to partake in a traditional Jewish Hora dance. I am sure I looked silly running around in circles not knowing the song or dance!

Caroline, Bridesmaid

The bride and I spun around holding hands so fast that we fell to the ground.

Stacey, Bride's Sister

A big thank you to Hyla and her bridesmaids for sharing the special day with us!

Thank you so much to Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay for the beautiful pictures!



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