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Mintzer-Donnelly Wedding Newtown, Pennsylvania


How did you pick the dresses?

I wanted each of my girls to wear a dress that fit their body type and personality, while at the same time create a cohesive look. The peachy floral print was perfect with the eclectic bouquets of coral ranunculus, white anemones, poppies, Gerber daisies, and yellow "Billy balls." The contrast of the simpler one-shoulder dresses made each bridesmaid stand out even more in the photographs. Up on stage at the ceremony, the dresses were a vibrant pop of color that even the men in the audience commented on!

Marissa, Bride

What was the best moment?

There were so many wonderful moments – it's hard to say! After walking down the aisle, it was amazing to see all of my best friends, siblings, and my groom standing up there waiting for me to walk across the stage for the ceremony. It was also overwhelming to look out at all the people you love in one place, gathered just for you on such a special day.

Marissa, Bride

What was your favorite part of the dress?

Definitely the neckline! It was really flattering on me and I felt comfortable and confident being photographed in it.

Emily, Bridesmaid

What accessories did you pair with the dress?

The bride gifted us all rose gold initial necklaces and pearl earring studs. I also wore some of my vintage rings!

Samantha, Bridesmaid

Did the dress fit your body type?

Yes, I bought it off the rack and did not have to have one stitch of altering!

Megan, Bridesmaid

Perfectly! When I first tried it on I couldn't shake the feeling that it had been altered for my figure. That never happens! I was thrilled!

Emily, Bridesmaid

What was the funniest thing you did in the dress?

We did a lot of silly dancing at the wedding. It was so much fun and an easy dress to dance in. It moves with you and doesn't ride up.

Tanya, Bridesmaid

Had you ever worn Shoshanna before?

I have a navy silk Shoshanna party dress that I trot out every holiday season. It's seen a number of office holiday parties, formal dinner parties, and even a "Mad Men" themed cocktail party!

Megan, Bridesmaid

What was the funniest thing you did in the dress?

Though it wasn't funny at the time, the bride lost the back of her earring while getting ready. The photographer snapped a great shot of all the bridesmaids on their hands and knees searching for it in their beautiful Shoshanna dresses! The earring back was found; the dresses were unscathed.

Megan, Bridesmaid

What was the best song to dance in while wearing the dress?

As much fun as I had in the dress dancing silly with the girls, the best song I danced to was a nice, slow one with my fiancé. I don't even remember the song, but I remember the dance. It was slow and romantic, and I felt really pretty in the dress.

Tanya, Bridesmaid

Thanks so much to Marissa and her beautiful bridal party for sharing their special day with us!
Another big thank you to Joyeuse Photography!



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