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Villemarette- Scanlon Wedding St. Michaels, Maryland


How did you pick the dresses?

“The dress just felt like me. I have always been a loyal Shoshanna fan; I even wore Shoshanna for my rehearsal dinner! We got married on the water and I wanted something that was nautical without feeling cheesy, and this dress nailed it. It was chic and classic, but was still fun and flattered all of my girls. I instantly knew it was the one! What is amazing about Shoshanna dresses is that two completely different body types can wear the same size and still look beautiful. For example, my 5'11 sister and my 5'6 friend both wore a six and looked amazing in their own way!”

-Melissa, Bride

What was the funniest moment?

Walking to our reception in the pouring rain. We had record breaking rain on the day of our wedding!  I know it doesn’t sound funny, but when the weather is so out of your control the only thing we could do at that point is laugh and have fun with it. We got some great pictures!

-Melissa, Bride

 What was your favorite part of the dress?

“I love the one shoulder style. The dress has an actual shape instead of just A-line.  Bridesmaid dresses always seem to look good on a few, but not on everyone. This really looked great on all of us.

-Libbie, Bridesmaid

   What was your favorite part of the dress?

“The style worked for everyone, loved that it was not strapless so that we could dance without worrying about a WOOPS! moment.”

 -Danielle, Bridesmaid

 Had you ever worn Shoshanna before?

Yes, I wear Shoshanna whenever I can. The dresses are extremely versatile.  I also choose Shoshanna dresses for my bridesmaids for my own wedding this past September!

 -Miggs, Bridesmaid

 How did the dress fit?

 The dress was a perfect fit!  Bridal Salons always order you extra sizes so you can take it in, but this dress was perfect as is - no alterations needed!

 -Libbie, Bridesmaid

A big thanks to Melissa and her lovely bridesmaids, and to L Hewitt Photography!



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