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Wagner-Clark Wedding San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Jenny and her family decided to grab an after-dinner drink in her hometown of St. Helena, California. It was there that Jenny ran into a mutual friend who introduced her to her future husband, Eddie. The rest of their story wrote itself.

Their wedding was at the Rosewood Hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. From the live mariachi bands to its cobblestone streets, the town is filled with 17thcentury culture. Their wedding emulated the same. “The overall theme of the wedding was classic yet festive! We really integrated the natural beauty of the city. The flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, and the live Mexican music are all examples of how bright and alive the theme was,” Jenny explained.

What made you choose the dresses?

I knew I wanted to go with a bright red color, but I didn’t want the dresses to make too much of a statement. When I came across the Shoshanna Ceclie dress, it was just what I was looking for! I loved the details, especially the “V” in the back of the dress. I even ordered the dress for myself!

Jenny, Bride

What was your favorite feature of the dress?

My favorite feature was probably the color. It is so bright and fun, and definitely makes a statement! I also loved the style; it fit my body so well. The tighter waist really gave everyone’s body the perfect shape.

Alicia, Maid of Honor

The lace overlay was beautiful and intricate. We took some black and white photos and the texture on the dresses really comes through. I was also really happy that Jenny found a dress with a color that really reflected the vibrant attitude of the celebration and the location.

Kelly, Bridesmaid

Loved the color! The persimmon red was perfect, especially set in San Miguel de Allende. The cobblestone streets and the burnt yellow, orange, and red painted buildings made the color of the dress pop!

Emilyn, Bridesmaid

Did the dress fit your body type?

Yes, perfectly. All the bridesmaids were of different shapes and sizes and I think everyone looked great!

Kelly, Bridesmaid

Yes! The dress was the exact style of dress that I look for. Form fitting with flow and sass all in one.

Alicia, Maid of Honor

What accessories did you pair with the dress?

Jenny gave us beautiful gold earrings, red and gold bangles, and some heeled nude sandals to pair with the dress! The most beautiful accessory was our gorgeous bridesmaid bouquets, which were every color of red and orange roses. Everything fit together perfectly.

Kelly, Bridesmaid

Where or how do you plan to wear it again?
Upcoming cocktail party in NYC- it is the perfect dress to wear again for outdoor summer weddings too!

Emilyn, Bridesmaid

You could really wear the dress anywhere! I will definitely be wearing it to another wedding this summer. I plan to change it up and wear it with some flats since I usually don't wear heels. I’ll most likely wear it to a winery event as well. It really is perfect for almost any occasion!

Alicia, Maid of Honor

Funniest moment of the day?

After the ceremony, the sun was setting and the bridesmaids were starting to feel the burn of four inch stilettos. The groomsmen had brought down some beers so we stole them, slouched in the ceremony chairs and threw back some Negra Modelos. It was fun to relax after the flurry of the day. The scene was 7 bridesmaids sitting comfortably drinking beers, but all with beautiful dresses and hair-dos!
Kelly, Bridesmaid

Probably a combination of the Macarena, running around the rooftop of The Rosewood doing the Conga Line, and uncontrollably jumping up and down dancing to Katy Perry "Roar!"

Emilyn, Bridesmaid

Thank you so much to Kelly and her bridesmaids for sharing the gorgeous Mexican wedding with us!

Photography Credit: Jorge Tinajero



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