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Wendell-Spackmann Wedding Adirondacks, New York


Lauren and Martin’s friendship began in a high school painting and drawing class. As their friendship grew past the classroom, Lauren soon realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her best friend, Martin. Both Lauren and Martin grew up camping in the Adirondacks. For their wedding, they headed back to Moreau Lake State Park, the campground both their families used to visit. “We wanted to be surrounded by trees, water and the wonderful memories of going there growing up. What better place than that,” Lauren explained. Not only did Lauren’s bridesmaids wear Shoshanna, her wedding dress itself was a Shoshanna sample sale find!

What made you choose these dresses for your bridesmaids?

I wanted my girls to pick their own dresses and be comfortable in anything they wore. They all got together and decided on two styles that they all liked. The only thing I picked was the color!

Lauren, Bride

What was your favorite feature of the dress?

I loved the style I chose. I am a pear shape and the dress was formed at the top and had room at the hips, which was perfect for my shape.

Nicole, Bridesmaid

I loved the bright color, it was good for Summer and into early Fall. However, the pockets on my dress were definitely the highlight!

Jaime, Bridesmaid

Did the dress fit your body type?

Yes it did! I am a plus size woman and the dress fit well for my body in the size 12. I love that Shoshanna makes styles that can not only fit a full figured woman but look nice as well!

Nicole, Bridesmaid

What was the silliest or funniest thing you did in the dress?

For some pictures the whole wedding party climbed a big tree. Needless to say, it was quite a challenge to do in a dress.

Jackie, Bridesmaid

Where/How do you plan to wear it again?

I will most likely wear it again to another wedding! It is super comfy and cute, and again the pockets for the win.

Jaime, Bridesmaid

Since the dress is cotton, it makes it really easy to incorporate into everyday wear. I can see myself wearing it to work, summer events with a dressier shoe, BBQ’s, or even weekend shopping with a cute flat.

Jackie, Bridesmaid

And what was the best moment of the day?

I really enjoyed when just the two of us went for a ride on the lake in the canoe that was hand built by my brother-in laws younger brother. It was absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful.

Lauren, Bride

Thank you so much to Lauren and her gorgeous bridal party for sharing the day with us!

Photography Credit

Kate Biel  and Julian Klein



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